Leisure and places to live: your stay at the Moulin

Le Moulin de Salazar is a place out of time, a natural setting where beauty and goodness invite you to enjoy and dream. Several living spaces are available for your relaxation and we have our carefully selected wellness professionals on call.

SPA and Wellness

The peacefulness that reigns on the estate of the Moulin de Salazar makes it an ideal place to rest and relax... What would you say to taking advantage of it even more by offering yourself an aromatic bath infusion in the privacy of your room? Or a moment of relaxation in the privatized Jacuzzi of the SPA area of the pigeon house? And even more, by being pampered by Maïthé and Sandra, our experts in well-being massages and beauty treatments?

Bath infusions
Relaxation massage services at the Moulin de Salazar
Relaxation massage services at the Moulin de Salazar

Listen to the water flowing under the windows...

... take a nap by the pool and let yourself be lulled to sleep... At the Moulin, only Mother Nature manages, on the hottest days, to interrupt the constant flow of water. However, in all seasons, on the private beach nestled in the heart of the Salazar estate, by the pool or during a jacuzzi session, water accompanies each of your relaxing moments.

The outdoor swimming pool at the Moulin de Salazar
Swimming pool suitable for swimming
The outdoor swimming pool is open to you

The outdoor pool

On sunny days, the outdoor swimming pool of the Moulin de Salazar is open to you: its dimensions (6x12m) are adapted to swimming, and we provide you with deckchairs and bath towels. All you have to do is choose between the caresses of the sun or the refreshing shade of the hundred-year-old trees that surround it...

The river and its private beach

Nature lovers will enjoy following the waterways that make up the Salazar estate. River, reach, dam, tailrace... a fascinating hydraulic engineering emerges from a still wild and green nature. If you let yourself be guided, you will easily find a nice private beach. A real natural alcove, it is a small corner of relaxation perfect for a nap in the open air or a picnic in the sun.

A still wild and green nature
Private beach in the shade

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