The Mill of Salazar and its SPA

SPA, massages and beauty treatments at the Moulin de Salazar

The SPA area of the pigeon house

A few steps away from the Salle du Moulin stands a magnificent dovecote. You enter it through a small garden closed to the eyes by the vegetation: it is here that you will be able, all year long, to plunge you in the bubbling water of the jacuzzi or, in the beautiful days, to make you massages in the shade of an arbour.

The outdoor jacuzzi

A real alcove of nature, the garden of the pigeon house offers an exceptional setting for your jacuzzi session. As soon as the sun comes out, you will appreciate the contrast between the warmth of the bubbling bath and the caress of the wind on your face...

The jacuzzi is available upon reservation: during your session, you can use the premises in complete privacy.

  • Jacuzzi rate: included in the room rate for 45 minutes.
  • Additional session: 10€/h for 2 people
  • Bathrobe and slippers provided
  • Reservation at the latest 24 hours before your session.

Please note that theuse of the Jacuzzi is not supervised and is your responsibility. Certain contraindications exist, particularly in case of pregnancy, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and other pathologies: please consult your doctor beforehand if you have any doubts on the subject.

The Salazar Mill and the dovecote garden
SPA and Jacuzzi at the Moulin de Salazar, a haven of peace
Jacuzzi in an exceptional setting
The Jacuzzi of the Salazar Mill
Wellness treatments at the Moulin de Salazar, Relaxation massage
At the Moulin de Salazar, always more pleasure and well-being
At the Moulin de Salazar, a complete and original range of treatments
Au Moulin de Salazar, massages and beauty treatments

Our wellness massages and beauty treatments

To offer you even more pleasure and well-being, we have selected the best beauty and well-being specialists in the area. Certified professionals, Maïthé and Sandra each have their own specialties. Relaxation massage, energetic massage and beauty care, the Moulin de Salazar offers you a complete and original range of treatments.

To learn more about the treatments offered and our rates, consult our brochure.

Maïthé's care

  • Balinese massage
  • Unifying body modelling
  • Somatoxinesia
  • Foot reflexology
  • Kobido facial (Japanese massage)

To learn more about the treatments offered and our rates, consult our brochure.

Sandra's care

  • Relaxation massage
  • Draining massage
  • Prenatal massage

Sandra is a nurse by training. She uses organic, cold-pressed, vegan and non-animal tested oils for her massages.Sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil oravocado oil: your skin will be richly nourished while respecting its needs.

To learn more about the treatments offered and our rates, consult our brochure.

To know more

During the summer months, the treatments take place in the garden of the pigeon house's Well-Being area where, under the shelter of an arbour, you can enjoy the sound of birdsong and the view of the countryside while being pampered... Out of season, the treatments take place in the privacy of your own room, which has been fitted out for this purpose by us.

Massages and beauty treatments are organized on reservation: to guarantee the availability of our partners, we ask you to make your reservation at least 15 days before your session.

Available in your room

Bath infusions and beauty care with IBBEO cosmetics

In each room of the mill stands a magnificent bathtub: vast and deep, it welcomes you for sweet moments of relaxation. To enhance these moments, we suggest you perfume your bath water with IBBEO plant infusions with medicinal and aromatic virtues. And for even more well-being and softness, switch from the bathtub to the Italian shower to treat yourself to a scrub as soft as a caress... Made with plants fromorganic and local agriculture*, IBBEO bath infusions are presented in an organic cotton bag to be infused in a hot bath. They are available in 4 formulas.

IBBEO Beauty Bath Infusion

IBBEO Beauty Bath Infusion

IBBEO Beauty Bath Infusion

The combination of mallow, rose and orange peel to soften the skin and regenerate; cornflower, melilot and marigold to soothe and reduce redness; and the natural and delicate hue of hibiscus and butterfly pea for a colorful and poetic touch...

IBBEO body scrub and beauty products

IBBEO body scrub and beauty products

Want to prolong the pleasures of bathing? Go from your bathtub to your Italian shower in an instant and treat yourself to an infinitely gentle scrub : a treatment based on flax and plum stones that will leave your skin, and that of your partner, as soft as a caress...

IBBEO bath infusions and body scrubs are available in your room as part of the Bath & Well-being Kit (only opened products will be billed - excluding package stays in which the Bath & Well-being Kit is included).
* IBBEO bath infusions do not contain essential oils.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of Spa@Home with our body and face care kit

Bath & Wellness Set

What will you find in your room?

Bath & Wellness set

This package offers you a real treatment ritual to be carried out in the privacy of your guest room, where you can abandon yourself to the pleasure of the senses. Treat your body and face to treatments worthy of a luxury spa, to enhance your natural beauty and offer you a moment of relaxation and well-being. We have put together 4 exquisite body treatments for you:

  • 1 bath infusion customizable to your taste
  • 1 body scrub for all skin types for 2 people
  • 1 facial scrub with plum oil for 2 people
  • 1 supergras soap to nourish and moisturize your skin
22 .00 / 2 PERSONS

SPA, Massages and Bath & Well-being box included in our weekend packages

Long stay: Special offers for long weekends and weekly rentals

At the Moulin de Salazar, we offer long stay packages for extended weekends in a guest room or for the complete rental of the mill for a whole week.

Your vacation and holiday bridges in 2023

Short stay: An original idea for a romantic weekend

Popular with lovers looking for an original idea for a short romantic stay in Occitania, the Moulin de Salazar offers, all season long, 2 Romantic Weekend Packages with Wellness Treatments for Two.

Weekend packages for lovers

Enjoy our jacuzzi, a relaxing treatment, or a soothing massage. Your moment of relaxation is reserved?

Relieve your mind and body, while providing you with well-being and relaxation

Do not hesitate to contact us: we will do our best to satisfy your specific requests.